Want to Start a Lifechain?

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Lord_Forgive_MDStand With Us For Life


Start Your Own Lifechain


On the first Sunday in October, in 1,900 locations across North America, pro-life advocates will assemble to pray for an end to abortion.

This event is not sponsored by any denomination or political party and is open to all who are pro-life.

Our Reedsburg event has been faithfully attended by local friends each year and this year we are wondering: Would you like to start a Lifechain in your town?

If so, we invite you to attend  our event this year simply to see how it’s done.

We will then distribute free informational packets to those who would like to start  their own Lifechain in 2016.

The coordinator will also be available afterwards to answer any questions you may have.

No advance registration is required, just attend the event and ask for a packet! We hope to see you there!

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