Some Reasons to Attend

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Some Reasons to Attend

Why should you consider attending our Life Chain Event? Here are some reasons to consider:

TESTIMONY – We live in a culture of death and the public square is dominated by those who deny the most basic of human rights: LIFE. Our witness is much needed and the message we share through our signage allows the light of truth to pierce the darkness of this age.

UNITY – Christians are too divided and the Life Chain provides an opportunity for like-minded Christians to stand together. In the past, we have had participants from many churches: Trinity Baptist, Advent Christian, First Baptist, Grace Reformed, Sacred Heart, Saint Peter’s, etc.

PRAYER – Many Christians are feeling powerless in this present evil age. They feel that there is nothing they can do for our country or our culture. That is simply not true. The prayers of God’s people are a powerful thing and the Life Chain is, above all, a 90-minute prayer meeting.

ENCOURAGEMENT – There are many more pro-life people in our country than the mass media would allow us to think. Many of the “responses” we receive while standing together are very positive (i.e., thumps up) and that means our presence is a source of encouragement to fellow lovers of life.

FAITHFULNESS – Jesus and his Apostles issued several stern warnings about flavorless salt, hidden light, words without deeds, prayer without action, faith without works, etc. The Life Chain is one convenient way to take your faith out of the church and into the real world (where it belongs).

BOLDNESS – Most Christians struggle to be bold in their witness for Christ. While this is completely understandable, it can also be overcome. The comfort of having 50+ people standing with you at an event like the Life Chain may increase your courage and boldness.

WITNESSING – One of the risks of participating in a local pro-life event in this: Your neighbors or co-workers might recognize you and ask what you were doing. Here, however, is the irony: Don’t we pray for increased opportunities to witness? What if God wants us to create such opportunities?

HOPE – Many who drive by our event have had an abortion in the past. Our signs assure such passers-by that there is hope to be found in the Gospel. “Jesus Forgives & Heals” is our message and we hold it forth in hope that it will convince the brokenhearted that they can be healed.

– Christian McShaffrey

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