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cobelligerency“Cobelligerency” is not a word you hear often, but it is an important one to know if you plan to participate in the modern culture wars.

“Co” means “together” and “belligerent” means “hostile or aggressive”, so the word literally means: “Fighting together”

Nations do this when they have a common enemy which can only be defeated by temporarily joining forces.

Religious denominations used to do this when combatting social evils, but it seems to be happening less in recent times.

Participation in the Reedsburg Life Chain on October 7th is an annual opportunity for local religious cobelligerency.

Yes – Catholics, Lutherans, Reformed, Baptist, etc. are allowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder for a 90-minute skirmish with the pro-abortion powers of darkness.

So why don’t we see representatives from every local church at our annual event? There are two possible reasons:

1. Local Pastors have never explained the legitimacy of cobelligerency to their members.

2. Local Christians just don’t care about our American soil being soaked with the blood of innocents.

If reason 1 is correct, then this article has corrected the presumably unintended omission of local Pastors in their teaching. If reason 2 is correct, then we are doomed.

– Christian McShaffrey