Pastor Endorsements

While the local pastors listed below represent different denominations, they are all either attended our Life chain or expressed their support.

Ask your pastor if he might also be willing to endorse our annual event and we will include his name and a link to your church’s website.

Richard Johnson  –  Advent Christian Church  (LaValle, WI)

Michael Lopp  –  Trinity Baptist Church  (Reedsburg, WI)

Christian McShaffrey  –  Grace Reformed Church  (Reedsburg, WI)

Terry Woirol  –  Valton Wesleyan Church  (Valton, WI)

Thomas Monaghan  –  Sacred Heart Catholic Church  (Reedsburg, WI)

David Corrano – Sacred Heart Catholic Church  (Reedsburg, WI)

Paul Crolius – St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (Reedsburg, WI)

David Bordy – Hillsboro Congregational Church (Hillsboro, WI)