The Life Chain does not advertise its event, but rather relies on its participants for promotion.

Ideally, it would be the local Pastors who lead their congregation out of the sanctuary and onto the sidewalk, but many Pastors fail (refuse?) to do this.

Therefore, we are trying to find energetic and enthusiastic local church contacts in each congregation to post flyers and personally invite people to participate.

Are you willing to assume this responsibility in your local church? If so, contact us.

Other ways to promote our event are:

  • Linking back to our page on your church website or personal blog
  • Submitting letters to the editor which invite people to attend our event
  • Asking your Pastor for permission to address the congregation briefly
  • Personally inviting friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join you at the event

Help us make this year’s Reedsburg Life Chain the largest yet!