Are you looking for a way to help increase the size and strength of our local Life Chain? If so, please consider serving in one of the following capacities:

Church Contact – We need energetic and outgoing people in each local congregation to make sure the Life Chain event is announced and to encourage attendance.

Public Relations – It is necessary to issue press releases before each event and it would also be helpful to invite representatives from local news media to cover each events.

Logistics Officer – It is necessary to coordinate with local businesses and police before each event. We also endeavor to have first aid protocols prepared.

Financial Secretary – While we do not solicit any funds, it is necessary to maintain a modest budget for purchasing new signs, web-hosting, and other incidentals.

Website Development – While this website may prove sufficient for our needs, it would be good to plan for its future enhancement in design and content.

If you are able/willing to serve in any of these capacities, please contact us.