New Coordinator Needed

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Dear Life Chain Participants,

I assumed responsibility for leading our local Life Chain six years ago when the previous coordinator, Brain Moyer, relocated. It has been a privileged to serve in this capacity, but I would like to have some one else step up to lead.

The job is not that complicated and the rewards are manifold. Furthermore, I am not moving, so I would be available to coach the new coordinator. We could even plan next year’s event together.

If you are interested in assuming this responsibility (or know of someone who might be willing), please send me an email or call me at (608) 524-5856.

Thank you for your consideration,

Christian McShaffrey



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cobelligerency“Cobelligerency” is not a word you hear often, but it is an important one to know if you plan to participate in the modern culture wars.

“Co” means “together” and “belligerent” means “hostile or aggressive”, so the word literally means: “Fighting together”

Nations do this when they have a common enemy which can only be defeated by temporarily joining forces.

Religious denominations used to do this when combatting social evils, but it seems to be happening less in recent times.

Participation in the Reedsburg Life Chain on October 7th is an annual opportunity for local religious cobelligerency.

Yes – Catholics, Lutherans, Reformed, Baptist, etc. are allowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder for a 90-minute skirmish with the pro-abortion powers of darkness.

So why don’t we see representatives from every local church at our annual event? There are two possible reasons:

1. Local Pastors have never explained the legitimacy of cobelligerency to their members.

2. Local Christians just don’t care about our American soil being soaked with the blood of innocents.

If reason 1 is correct, then this article has corrected the presumably unintended omission of local Pastors in their teaching. If reason 2 is correct, then we are doomed.

– Christian McShaffrey

Like Salt & Light

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Like Salt & Light

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:13-15).

In this familiar portion of scripture, Jesus offers two illustrations and one exhortation to help the church understand its identity and purpose in this world.

Illustration one: Salt was used in ancient times as a preservative agent. While it could not prevent the process of decomposition, it slowed the process considerably.

Illustration two: Light obviously pierces darkness. A well-lit and elevated city helps travelers find their way home. Likewise, a well-lit room is the safest to navigate.

These two illustrations are obvious enough in their meaning and the exhortation that flows from them is also easy to understand: The church must function as salt and light in a dark and decomposing world.

More specifically, this means the church should seek to arrest the creeping rot of societal iniquity and expose the evil works of cultural darkness.

There are many ways we might apply this calling, but I would like you to think about just one possible application: Participating in the Reedsburg Life Chain

We will be standing together for truth and life on October 1st at 2:00 PM at the corner of Main St. & Viking Dr.

Like salt, we purpose to decelerate the ongoing decay of our civilization by confronting the mass slaughter of children through surgical abortion and abortifacient birth control.

Like light, we purpose to pierce the darkness of this present evil age with God’s truth so that hurting souls can find their way back home to God’s city of grace, mercy, and peace.

Keep your salt salty and let your light shine.

– Christian McShaffrey

A Strange Week

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sangerThis week began with the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. and it will end with the anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision.

Constitutional rights seem to be the theme of both days, but I am not able to celebrate either because of the intellectual schizophrenia of it all.

Mr. King’s dream was that blacks would find their constitutionally promised “Life, liberty, etc.” and the Roe. V. Wade decision resulted in this nightmare: 17-million dead black babies

Even stranger than the juxtaposition of that dream and that nightmare are some of the curious connections between the King of black rights and the Queen of reproductive rights.

Three years before Mr. King was born, Margaret Sanger spoke at a KKK rally in New Jersey. Afterward, she expressed her satisfaction that the event resulted in a dozen more invitations from similar groups.

Why did the KKK invite Ms. Sanger? The masthead on her newsletter might provide a clue: “Birth Control: To Create a Race of Thoroughbreds”

When Mr. King was ten years old, Margaret Sanger expressed her desire to hire “three or four colored ministers” who had “engaging personalities” so they could promote her agenda in black communities through “religious appeal.”

When Mr. King was thirty-seven years old, he was awarded Planned Parenthood’s “Margaret Sanger Award” because of his willingness to lend “his eloquent voice to the cause of world-wide voluntary family planning.” Yes, he received the award.

In retrospect, Sanger’s wish for “three or four colored ministers” was rather modest. Hundreds soon arose to preach her gospel of woman’s absolute sovereignty over the womb. Stranger still, such preachers seem always to decry “systemic racism” with the same breath.

I write these things not because I am a civil rights activist, but only because I appreciate intellectual consistency. So which is it, America? What are we celebrating? Does anyone else see the insanity in all this?

Those who do are invited to join me, my voluntarily un-planned family, and a few of our pro-life friends for a thirty-minute Rally for Life this Sunday at 3:30 PM. We will meet at the Baraboo courthouse and would love to see you there.

– Christian McShaffrey

Some Reasons to Attend

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Some Reasons to Attend

Why should you consider attending our Life Chain Event? Here are some reasons to consider:

TESTIMONY – We live in a culture of death and the public square is dominated by those who deny the most basic of human rights: LIFE. Our witness is much needed and the message we share through our signage allows the light of truth to pierce the darkness of this age.

UNITY – Christians are too divided and the Life Chain provides an opportunity for like-minded Christians to stand together. In the past, we have had participants from many churches: Trinity Baptist, Advent Christian, First Baptist, Grace Reformed, Sacred Heart, Saint Peter’s, etc.

PRAYER – Many Christians are feeling powerless in this present evil age. They feel that there is nothing they can do for our country or our culture. That is simply not true. The prayers of God’s people are a powerful thing and the Life Chain is, above all, a 90-minute prayer meeting.

ENCOURAGEMENT – There are many more pro-life people in our country than the mass media would allow us to think. Many of the “responses” we receive while standing together are very positive (i.e., thumps up) and that means our presence is a source of encouragement to fellow lovers of life.

FAITHFULNESS – Jesus and his Apostles issued several stern warnings about flavorless salt, hidden light, words without deeds, prayer without action, faith without works, etc. The Life Chain is one convenient way to take your faith out of the church and into the real world (where it belongs).

BOLDNESS – Most Christians struggle to be bold in their witness for Christ. While this is completely understandable, it can also be overcome. The comfort of having 50+ people standing with you at an event like the Life Chain may increase your courage and boldness.

WITNESSING – One of the risks of participating in a local pro-life event in this: Your neighbors or co-workers might recognize you and ask what you were doing. Here, however, is the irony: Don’t we pray for increased opportunities to witness? What if God wants us to create such opportunities?

HOPE – Many who drive by our event have had an abortion in the past. Our signs assure such passers-by that there is hope to be found in the Gospel. “Jesus Forgives & Heals” is our message and we hold it forth in hope that it will convince the brokenhearted that they can be healed.

– Christian McShaffrey

(608) 524-5856

Do Unborn Lives Matter?

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little lives

Over the past year, Americans have shown their willingness to protest instances of injustice.

We have seen outraged assemblies hit the city streets in response to the untimely death of only one or two individuals.

The Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services reports that 54 abortions occurred in Sauk Co. last year.

We do not know how many more perished through chemical “birth control” products, because these deaths are impossible to calculate.

Where is the outrage over these lost lives?

Where are the assemblies that demand justice for them?

Unborn children cannot speak for themselves. Sadly, their cries are heard only by those who are intent on silencing them.

Christians have been called by God to speak on their behalf and to intervene before such lives are lost:

“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.” (Proverbs 31:8)

“Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling toward the slaughter.” (Proverbs 24:11)

I admit that I have not been perfectly faithful to this calling and I trust there are some who can join me in that confession.

I am also hoping that we might take one small step together in a more godly direction.

On Oct. 2nd at 2 PM, my family will be standing for life on the corner of HWY 33 & CTY H in Reedsburg.

I invite you to stand with us.

The event will be peaceful, polite, and non-political. Call me if you have any questions.

– Christian McShaffrey
(608) 524-5856

2015 Radio Interview

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radio_2Our coordinator was interviewed by the manager of 89.5 FM WCNP on September 22, 2015.

The interview will air at least a couple times before our upcoming event and we are thankful for this opportunity to publicize the annual Life Chain.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

It Really Does Take a Village

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crossesOn Sunday, October 4, Life Chains will again occupy U.S. and Canadian sidewalks to pray and witness on behalf of voiceless fellow-citizens who are presently imperiled by surgical mutilation and abortive birth controls.

We assemble each year for this prayerful and public testimony because innocent children continue to die. The earth’s gravest injustice pursues them, and they die for want of defenders.

If truth be known, well over 100 million children have perished in North America and, as pro-life servant Flip Benham observed, “it takes a village” duly unified to ravage innocent humanity when vile, unjust killing is deemed “legal.”

Law enforcement must agree to protect the killer and to disenable defenders who directly interfere, however honorably, with the brutalization of defenseless, lawful citizens.

Health departments, school systems, elected officials, and civic organizations must find the killing either tolerable or praiseworthy. The adult citizenry  (about 70% of the village residents) must also do likewise.

And, woefully, the children’s last line of defense, the village church, must submit sufficiently to the “powers and principalities” of Ephesians 6 and allow unbiblical priorities to lure their duty and influence into years of détente with the spiritual forces that create and sustain such holocausts.

True to Edmund Burke, the horrendous villainy inflicted on the village children endures because the inaction of “good people” shields it.

On October 4, let us remember the videos recently produced through the Center for Medical Progress which exposed the abhorrent “face of abortion” through the deceptive and barbarous mind of Planned Parenthood.

Let us also remember our calling as Christians to expose the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11) which the church has been so complicit in shielding.

Legal abortion will cease when the Church of Jesus Christ hates abortion enough to protect God’s future worshippers and end the carnage.

On National Life Chain Sunday, let us implore God to anchor within us a deep hatred for abortion and to grow within us fervent compassion for vulnerable children. Pastors who lead in that endeavor will be of enormous value to the cause of life.

Accordingly, Pastors, please lead your congregations to stand with us on October 4 at 2:00 PM at the corner of Main St. (HWY 33) and Viking Dr. (Cty. Rd. H).

For more information about the upcoming Life Chain, contact us today.

Want to Start a Lifechain?

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Lord_Forgive_MDStand With Us For Life


Start Your Own Lifechain


On the first Sunday in October, in 1,900 locations across North America, pro-life advocates will assemble to pray for an end to abortion.

This event is not sponsored by any denomination or political party and is open to all who are pro-life.

Our Reedsburg event has been faithfully attended by local friends each year and this year we are wondering: Would you like to start a Lifechain in your town?

If so, we invite you to attend  our event this year simply to see how it’s done.

We will then distribute free informational packets to those who would like to start  their own Lifechain in 2016.

The coordinator will also be available afterwards to answer any questions you may have.

No advance registration is required, just attend the event and ask for a packet! We hope to see you there!

Click here for date, time, and directions >>

Flyer for Surrounding Areas

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Invite-2015-thBesides holding our annual event in Reedsburg this year, we are also inviting pro-life friends from surrounding cities to come see how its done and leave with everything they need to start their own Lifechain in 2016.

Please help us get the word out. You can click on the image to the left for a printable flyer. Please post it in your church.

We are also happy to send you full-color copies of this flyer free of charge. Just send us an e-mail and let us know how many copies you need.

You can also call the coordinator at (608) 524-5856

May the Lord continue to bless our humble efforts and quickly heal our land.